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Domaine Chanzy

Historically located in Bouzeron, Chanzy has 80 hectares of vineyards now certified High Environmental Value level 3, spread over the three Côtes of Burgundy, each with an ancient history built with passion, aiming at best expressing the beautiful terroirs of our spectacular region.

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The Chanzy quest for excellence begins with a deep understanding of its terroirs. This quest continues through extended, precise and delicate work during winemaking and aging, so that each vineyard can be expressed in the purest Burgundian tradition.

Chanzy has several “climats” or vineyard plots, each with its own microclimate and specific geological conditions for a particular appellation. Each climat has its own character that reflects the characteristics of each vineyard plot.

Each vineyard plot is harvested, vinified, aged and bottled separately.

Aging takes place in barrels which have been rigorously selected to respect the identity of each plot of vines.

... this is how we transform the unique expression of each terroir


The terroirs

Chanzy strives for a strong environmentally friendly approach to preserve a bountiful and living foundation for vineyards. Chanzy works with them with respect, caring for biodiversity and the ecosystem throughout the seasons.

Chanzy preserves its vineyard environment with a soil-friendly botanical strategy. It optimizes, through rigorous management, each vineyard’s fertilization and microbial system.

... respect authenticity



Chanzy’s passionate and committed work is carried out by a talented team with several generations of Burgundy experience.

They are thus able to reveal the forgotten treasures of Côte Chalonnaise.

... and they invite others to share their passion