The best wines for appetizer

Written on 20/01/2022

Some tips to prevent mistakes

It's no secret that having an aperitif is a very French custom. More and more French people like to meet at the beginning of the evening around a glass to discuss, share and laugh. 
In the past, certain alcohols were the stars of these social events, such as Ricard, Whisky or beer. But recently, these alcohols are being replaced! 

According to a study by Wine Intelligence, there has been a 17% increase in the presence of wine as an aperitif. 70% of French people serve wine at this time, at least once a month. 

Indeed, for many years, wine was only served at the dinner table. It was almost inconceivable to drink it alone, without accompanying it with a meal. But this practice is now over. It is now more and more common to serve a good wine as an aperitif and to be sure not to make a mistake, here are some tips :

Since the wine will be served on its own - or even with a few mignardises - it is important to have a light wine that will not take up too much space on the palate, especially so that the palate can perfectly accommodate the meal that will follow, especially avoid sweet wine! A white Burgundy will perfectly enhance rillettes, a gougère or a cheese puff pastry (which are very popular french recipes). 
Also consider the Bourgogne-Aligoté. A wine that has been a great success thanks to kir and that is now a very good white aperitif as the winemakers Alice and Olivier de Moor told our colleagues from Le Point: "A few years ago, it was unusual to sell aligoté to restaurants, but not anymore".
It will obviously not always necessary to open a grand cru that might not be sublimated enough. 

For red wines as an aperitif, you will also find happiness in the Burgundy region with the Pinot noir grape variety which gives perfect wines to taste with some slices of saucisson for example.

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