The temperature of the wine

Written on 27/01/2022

Some tips to serve the wine at the right temperature!

You are quietly at home, getting ready to host a dinner party or an aperitif and to do so, you bought a few bottles of wine, but you are faced with a few questions: when should I take my white wine out of the fridge, or is my red wine not too warm? 

In fact, as with any consumable product, the temperature has a huge impact on the wine. A wine that is too hot or too cold will not be highlighted and your product may be totally denatured. If your wine is too hot for example, it can bring out the taste of the alcohol, which is obviously unpleasant in the mouth. A wine that is too cold will be atrophied. 
We are going to expose you to the temperatures at which wines should be served but also, some tips to keep them at the right temperature until the service. 

To begin with, it is important to know that not all white or red wines can be drunk at the same temperature. 
  • An opulent and tannic red: between 16 and 18 degrees
  • A thin red: between 14 and 16 degrees
  • A light red: between 12 and 14 degrees 
  • Rich and opulent white: between 11 and 14 degrees
  • Dry white: between 9 and 11 degrees 
  • Sweet or syrupy white: between 10 and 12 degrees 
  • Champagne: between 7 and 11 degrees 

If you have a wine cellar, it will obviously be easier to keep wines at the right temperature. And here there is no distinction, all wines can be kept at the same temperature, i.e. 12°

In addition to keeping a constant temperature which will allow the wine to age perfectly, the wine cellar will allow to propose a temperature adapted to the moment of the service. But be careful, a wine kept at serving temperature must be drunk quickly, and for good reason, above 14° the aging of wines accelerates, below 10°, it slows down. 

When you take your wine out, you should also be careful that the temperature change is not too abrupt, which could alter your wine.

A little trick to serve at the right temperature: the rule of three! It takes three hours for a red wine from a cellar at 10° to reach 18° in a room at 20°. A white wine can go down from 14° to 8° in 4 hours and a half if it is placed in the door of your refrigerator. So get your calculators and enjoy your wine tasting! a

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